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Platformer Level

Role: Game Designer, Level Designer, Programming
Team Size: 1
Aesthetic: Platformer/Traversal
Platform: PC
Tools used: Unreal, Maya
Development Time: 1 Week
Design Goals:
-Create expressive, imaginative blockmesh for a fast-paced platformer
-control pacing with cool down areas and vistas

This is a video of a friend play-testing to properly show difficulty and natural reactions

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00005

Overview of Area 1

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00008

Level Start

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00010

Secret Pickup on top of Level Start

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00004

Speeding out of tunnel

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00012
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00018

Sentry Spot 1

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00019

Sentry Spot 1

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00007

Scenic Overlook 1

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00046


Phaz ero highresscreenshot00013

Overlook from top of level end

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00052

Overlook from top of level end 2

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00015

Overlook from top of secret tunnel

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00022

Enemy Arena before overlook

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00026

Snake Tail Town

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00043

Sliding down Decayed Robot Snake body

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00039

Robot Snake Mouth

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00041

Robot Snake Body

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00042

Robot Snake Body

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00040
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00023

Robot Snake Body Outside

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00024

Secret areas tucked in

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00025

Overlook from Secret Area

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00029

Accident Site

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00034

They need your help

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00036

View of Level End, not yet able to access

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00032

Wonder what's over there?

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00054

Level End Boss Fight

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00003

Overview shot 2

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00055

Suspicious Dynamite

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00009

Mushrooms at beginning level

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00014
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00016
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00020
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00006
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00028
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00037
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00044
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00021
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00050
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00051
Phaz ero highresscreenshot00053

Entrance to final area

Phaz ero highresscreenshot00049

Another Little cave